Timbuktu, Mali Empire – 1310 AD.

Famine sweeps the empire. A raw-breed and a dark wizard conspire to control mankind. Horrible evil matures, soon to be unleashed.

Two mysterious orbs are all that separate mankind from this fate. Chosen to find the orbs is skilled swordsman, Commander Gyvan Drabo, who wants simply to wed the woman of his dreams. But he is not alone. In order to succeed, he must learn to trust the girl, Aida, the most powerful of all eeidsand resolve the deadly conflict growing between them.

Time is the enemy. Each moment they tarry the evil grows stronger. Deadly assassins stalk them. Pray-devils hunger for human flesh. And Gyvan discovers a terrible secret about the Dark Widow that torments his future. Will Aida’s untested magical powers see them through? Or will her own secret doom mankind for all eternity?